You are one click away from entering The Guestbook Of Armageddon. Before you enter, please read the following;
1 - The Guestbook is for the use of true VENOM Freaks ONLY! And it is certainly not for use for anything non-Metal! If you want to promote something that is not Metal-related, don't waste your time putting it in our guestbook, because it will be removed!
2 - Each time an entry is made in our guestbook, your computer's IP address and your host name will be logged. Anyone attempting to post crap on the guestbook runs the risk of being reported to their host company, beware!
3 - Finally, some of ye Freaks have been asking us why there is no bastard swearing allowed on our fuckin' guestbook. This is because it would fuckin' cost us money, as the company which hosts our guestbook no longer allows swearing on their free services. So if you want to use swearwords like Fuck, Bastard, Bollox, S****r, M*******a, etc, then tough shit, muthafucka!!
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