SITE OF THE HYDRA's Forum can be your Forum too, but only if you read and agree to what follows:
The rules of this Forum are quite simple...
1 - You must first register to use this Forum.
Registration is free and simple - First, choose a username. Make sure you are satisfied with the username you pick, because you wont be able to alter it after you join. Also, you must have a valid e-mail address to join. Anyone using a false e-mail address will be removed. Then choose a password - you will need your username and password to log-in to the Forum. Keep them safe and don't share your information with anyone.
Please note - When you first register, Administration will have to approve you - this may take seconds, minutes, hours or possibly days - be patient! Admin will not be available 24/7...
2 - Any abusive behaviour or misuse of this Forum will NOT be tolerated! The information you provide when you register to use the Forum is kept on database, anyone found to be posting abuse on this Forum or acting inappropriately will be immediately banned without exception.
Also, Respect for other Forum users should be maintained at all times, do not send abusive emails or offensive messages to other Forum users. Do not show disrespect to another user while posting on the forum.
Spam is also NOT allowed, do not send spam to ANYONE who uses this Forum and do not distribute other Forum users email addresses to any third parties without first obtaining their consent – Thank You.
3 - The owner and administrator reserves the right to remove ANY posts and / or replies on this Forum.
By joining this Forum, you agree to the house rules. If you post a topic and / or a reply that Admin feels is unsuitable, it WILL be removed.
If one of your posts / replies should be removed, just live with it, don't bother complaining publicly on the Forum (such posts will be removed and ignored) and you will be wasting your time, and increasing your chances of being banned from this Forum. The chances of overturning an Admin decision are very slim to zero...
4 - Bootlegs. While not condoned, talk of unofficial recordings may be tolerated to a certain degree, because I understand lots of Metal fans are collectors of every audio recording by their favourite bands. However, there will be no selling or trading of such items on this Forum, and under no circumstances should anyone post links leading to somewhere that sells and / or trades unofficial recordings. Likewise, do not post links to any website that offers illegal downloads of music. Talk of and / or advertisement of unofficial merchandise is strictly forbidden.
5 - The main content of this Forum will be mainly bands that the owner / Administrator likes. If you should post a topic about a band you like and for some reason it is removed or expires (which is called auto-pruning, meaning the topic disappears from the Forum after a certain period of time) just live with it. If this happens visit the website/forum of that particular band.
6 - Trouble-makers will be banned, and will not be allowed to spoil this for other people. Please report anyone to the Administrator who you think is abusing this Forum.
7 - This Forum is run by someone just like you - a Metal fan. The Forum is run totally independent of any band. Administration does not speak on behalf of any band, nor is in any way qualified to do so. Never assume that anything on this Forum posted by the Administrator (or, indeed, what any other user posts) reflects the opinions of any band, or that of their management, their record label or any other representatives. By joining this Forum, you agree that both you and the Administrator of this Forum are in no way talking on behalf of any band, we are just fans talking about bands.
Additional Tips
After joining, you may create/edit your profile. Your profile will be visible to all users/guests on the Forum. Administration does not suggest you give your full address or anything, but it would appreciated it if you could state which country you live in. You can also add an AVATAR to your profile. An Avatar is a small picture that will be visible under your username. You can either upload your own Avatar from your computer, or you can link to the url of your Avatar on your own website. You may change your Avatar at any time. The maximum size for an Avatar is 16000 bytes, and it must be a maximum of 80 x 80 pixels.
You may contact the Administrator or other users of the Forum by e-mail and / or, private message. However, if you do contact someone and don't get a reply straight away, please be patient. Remember, not everyone may have access to a computer / the internet like you do, many people are only online once a week, etc...
Likewise, if you post a topic that does not get a reply straight away, don't be inpatient, users will reply to your post in their own time. Have respect for the users of the Forum!
If you agree with all of the above, join in and enjoy! If not, then this is not the Forum for you.
Note: These rules may be changed at any stage by the Administrator, and without warning.
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