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JANUARY 15th 2014
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 15th page of our V-Shirt collection...
JANUARY 9th 2014
VENOM TATTOOS - VENOM is on the bodies of 3 more LEGIONS....
JANUARY 7th 2014
VENOM TATTOOS - Mr Marc Canipel has a new VENOM injection!
JANUARY 6th 2014
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Lets get 2014 going with 7 new members!!
DECEMBER 24th 2013
VENOM Site Of The Hydra - Black Xmas

Infernal Thanx to all ye Legions for your continued support of Site Of The Hydra during 2013 - Respect to you all!!!!!

Have a great festive period, and we'll meet you all back here in 2014 for some more VENOMous Black Metal mayhem - Hell Fuckin' Yeah!!!!!

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DECEMBER 14th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - And more Infernal members.....
DECEMBER 10th 2013
NOVEMBER 26th 2013
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 14th offering of V-Shirts....
NOVEMBER 14th 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - And more...
NOVEMBER 10th 2013
VENOM ALBUMS - More of The Mighty LEGIONS list the VENOM studio albums in order of preference.
NOVEMBER 5th 2013
OUR V(ENOM) BITZ - Heaven's On Fire....
NOVEMBER 1st 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Brazil.... Norway.... Malaysia.... Legions everywhere!!
OCTOBER 23rd 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL -3 x Legions added....
SEPTEMBER 30th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - As the member list increases, please note that to access the Facebook part of the Fanclub, members now need to be logged into their Facebook account to view the group.
SEPTEMBER 25th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Legions rising!!
SEPTEMBER 24th 2013
OUR V(ENOM) BITZ - It's a DEADLINE (Demo Cassette) now...
SEPTEMBER 23rd 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - They just keep on coming...
SEPTEMBER 19h 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Legions from around this damned planet are uniting in DEEPEST HELL.....
SEPTEMBER 16h 2013
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 13th instalment of VENOM T-Shirts....
SEPTEMBER 6th 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - 4 more, including two new ones by Belgium Legioner Marc Canipel!
SEPTEMBER 5th 2013
VENOM PHOTOS - Finally got round to doing higher quality scans of the photographs we took when we were backstage with VENOM at Wacken Open Air Festival 2000. Live pictures of VENOM onstage, and an all-new review done too!
SEPTEMBER 3rd 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Legions Rising....
AUGUST 27th 2013
JUNE 30th 2013
VENOM COVERVERSIONS - BURSTIN OUT have a new EP out now, complete with a crushing WITCHING HOUR coverversion!!
JUNE 27th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - 8 more Infernal members...
JUNE 4th 2013
M-PIRE of EVIL - A couple of weeks ago, we travelled down to the south of France for 2 brilliant M-PIRE of EVIL concerts. Review and pix available here
MAY 25th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - Hail Legions Rise!
MAY 2nd 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - And more....
MARCH 22nd 2013
METAL FORUM - Our Metal Forum has moved to here (please update your bookmarks)
MARCH 22nd 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - Among the new VENOM Tattoos is one from DEEPEST HELL Co-founder Thomas Herou...
FEBRUARY 19th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - The latest arrivals in DEEPEST HELL....
FEBRUARY 15th 2013
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - The list of members is growing....
FEBRUARY 14th 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - 3 more VENOM Tattoos...
FEBRUARY 13th 2013
VENOM PHOTOS - 44 photos we took at VENOM's concerts in London and Manchester during the 2006 UK Tour...
JANUARY 3rd 2013
VENOM TATTOOS - 3 more VENOM Freaks Injected...
DECEMBER 16th 2012
Have a BLACK X-MAS, and a HELL YEAH New Year!!!
DECEMBER 15th 2012
LINKS - The very finest VENOM and Metal links, together with some of the coolest links on the www......
DECEMBER 6th 2012
NOVEMBER 24th 2012
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - 9 new members added to the infernal list...
NOVEMBER 22nd 2012
OUR V(ENOM) BITZ - Section updated, with the first of many new additions....
OCTOBER 29th 2012
OCTOBER 4th 2012
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 12th page of VENOM T-Shirt mayhem......
SEPTEMBER 28th 2012
Deepest Hell - Zje Unofficial VENOM Fanclub

Very proud indeed to announce that The Unofficial VENOM Fanclub is proving to be a huge success! There are now lots of happy Legions around the planet wearing the LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL shirt! Check out the DEEPEST HELL section to see the updated list of Fanclub members...

Iron & Fuckin' Steel!!!!!!!

JUNE 12th 2012
LEGIONS: DEEPEST HELL - The Unofficial Classic VENOM Fanclub
JUNE 12th 2012
VENOM TATTOOS - 3 more VENOM Injections...
MAY 7th 2012
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 11th page of VENOM T-Shirt Hell......
APRIL 7th 2012
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page 10 now viewable...
MARCH 17th 2012
MARCH 8th 2012
FEBRUARY 12th 2012
JANUARY 17th 2012
VENOM TATTOOS - 4 additions...
DECEMBER 24th 2011
Hope all Ye Legions are having a BLACK X-Mas!!! Infernal thanx for all your support during 2011 - eternal respect to you all!!!!
DECEMBER 19th 2011
VENOM ALBUMS - Us Hydra's and our LEGION Friends from around the World put the VENOM albums in ranking order....
NOVEMBER 30th 2011
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page 9 is now active, so that's another 12 VENOM Shirts...
NOVEMBER 9th 2011
10 Years of VENOM - Site Of The Hydra
WELCOME - On this very night 10 Years ago, Site Of The Hydra was born. Click above for words...
NOVEMBER 1st 2011
SEPTEMBER 27th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Count Herou has got VENOM Tattoo Number 3...
AUGUST 11th 2011
VENOM T-SHIRTS - The next set of 12 VENOM Shirts...
JULY 26th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - More VENOM in the blood....
JUNE 22nd 2011
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page nr.7 of VENOM Shirts...
JUNE 21st 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Add another Tattoo to the Austrian Legions....
JUNE 17th 2011
PrimEvil becomes MPIRE OF EVIL - Please read the Official Press Release
JUNE 17th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Tattoo'd VENOM Freaks are taking over the world!
JUNE 4th 2011
HELL YEAHS - A list of some seriously awesome people!!! Respect to you all!!!!!!!!!
JUNE 2nd 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Tattoo'd Legions Rise!!
MAY 24th 2011
OUR V(ENOM) BITZ - New section, featuring the Hydramobile for starters :-)
MAY 24th 2011
MPIRE OF EVIL - Updated page as we prepare...
APRIL 30th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - And yet another Tattoo'd Legion!!!
APRIL 23rd 2011
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 6th page of VENOM Shirts added...
APRIL 10th 2011
Very proud to let you people know that MPIRE OF EVIL have asked myself and the mighty KOSTAS (who ran The official VENOM fanclub and website) to create an official MPIRE OF EVILwebsite. We are both very honoured to be considered for this, and we have both accepted this great honour! It will be fantastic to assist the awesome MPIRE OF EVILLads, and it is gonna be so cool to work with KOSTAS again. We are in the process of getting everything set up, and we will be trying our utmost to create a worthy site for you all to enjoy. Keep an eye on the following link.....
APRIL 4th 2011
VENOM PHOTOS - I had a camera with me when I saw VENOM Live in 1990...
MARCH 16th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Tattoo'd Swedish Legion!!
JANUARY 28th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - They just keep on coming...... Hell Yeah!!!
JANUARY 27th 2011
VENOM T-SHIRTS - 12 more VENOM Shirts added...
JANUARY 23rd 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Soon everyone in the world will have a VENOM Tattoo!!
JANUARY 18th 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - And yet another Inked-Legion!!
JANUARY 3rd 2011
VENOM TATTOOS - Another 2 of The Australian Legions show their VENOM colours...
DECEMBER 29th 2010
PRIMEVIL - The TIME of the PRIME is almost upon us...
DECEMBER 27th 2010
VENOM TATTOOS - Even more VENOM injections!!!
DECEMBER 10th 2010
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page 4 now onsite, so that's 48 VENOM Shirts thus far.....
NOVEMBER 27th 2010
VENOM TATTOOS - Iron & Steel & Ink = another V-Tatt!!
NOVEMBER 4th 2010
OCTOBER 27th 2010
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page 3 with third batch of V Tee's....
OCTOBER 26th 2010
METAL LINKS - Updated, including brand-new Hydra banner!
SEPTEMBER 10th 2010
VENOM T-SHIRTS - Page 2 is now active, with 12 more VENOM Shirts from our collection...
SEPTEMBER 3rd 2010
VENOM T-SHIRTS - We recently decided that we should take pictures of all the VENOM Shirts, Longsleeves, etc, that have built up at Castle Hydra over the years. We are not gonna reveal just how many there are, suffice to say there was rather a lot! For starters, there is a batch of 12 VENOM Shirts now viewable... more will be added soon!
AUGUST 24th 2010
JULY 23rd 2010
JUNE 30th 2010
VENOM TATTOOS - The VENOM just keeps on being injected! Check out TOM's BLACK METAL Bodyart!!
JUNE 24th 2010
METAL PHOTOS - The ROCK 'n' ROLL TRAIN arrived in Stuttgart recently.... AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!
JUNE 6th 2010
VENOM PHOTOS - A legendary set of VENOM photographs, taken in 1980!!
APRIL 21st 2010
METAL PHOTOS - IRON MAIDEN's gonna get you! Live pics from the A Matter Of Life And Death 2006 Tour!
APRIL 1st 2010
VENOM TATTOOS - 2 (more)of our Facebook Legion-Friends have VENOM in their blood too......
MARCH 14th 2010
METAL PHOTOS - Thrashers OVERKILL visited Switzerland again recently...
MARCH 1st 2010
VENOM PHOTOS - It is with great pride that we present probably the rarest VENOM pictures ever seen, which were taken at the first ever VENOM concert. Truely an historic moment for this humble website! For his assistance on the section, a massive infernal thanx goes to VENOM Founder and The Man who invented BLACK METAL, Mr JEFF MANTAS!!! A TRUE Legend!!!!!!!!!!!
JANUARY 16th 2010
DECEMBER 29thd 2009
DECEMBER 22nd 2009
Tattoos. We recently met yet another LEGION complete with VENOM Tattoo...
DECEMBER 17th 2009
Coverversions. This section is eventually going to be totally overhauled. For starters, the first 6 pages are now redesigned...
NOVEMBER 27th 2009
Band & Metal Links. Fully revamped Links page...
NOVEMBER 16th 2009
Fotos. DESTRUCTION live onstage for the release party of CURSE OF THE ANTICHRIST!
NOVEMBER 10th 2009
Tattoos. Our Facebook mate Ste Shone's VENOM Tattoo!
OCTOBER 25th 2009
Mainpage. A bit of a revamp...
OCTOBER 1st 2009
Coverversions. WARFIST cover VENOM's WELCOME TO HELL !!
SEPTEMBER 29th 2009
Various. A look around some bitz of HydraHell...
SEPTEMBER 13th 2009
Facebook. Any of Ye Freaks with a Facebook account are most welcome to (Hell) send us a friend request on our FB page. You can view our Facebook page HERE.
AUGUST 19th 2009
Albums. Our review of VENOM's sensational CAST IN STONE album!!
AUGUST 2nd 2009
Coverversions. DIE HARD worship VENOM!!!!!!!!!
JUNE 11th 2009
Fotos. Thrash Kings SODOM performed at our local METAL DAYZ Festival a few weeks back. Check out the pix we took!
MAY 24th 2009
Fotos. Another new addition to our live photo section: CRADLE OF FILTH!!
MARCH 28th 2009
Tattoos. Tweaked...
MARCH 21st 2009
Fotos. It is with great pride that we present live photographs of IRON MAIDEN on this humble site. Special thanx to everyone at PHANTOM MUSIC MANAGEMENT for their help and assistance.
MARCH 10th 2009
Fotos. OVERKILL returned to Switzerland recently...
FEBRUARY 28th 2009
Tattoos. Another VENOM injection!!
FEBRUARY 24th 2009
Index. You've probably already noticed, Doh!!
JANUARY 14th 2009
Various. Yeah, I know - it was seriously time to get this section going....
JANUARY 7th 2009
Fotos. Our last concert in 2008 was DESTRUCTION at our local venue.
DECEMBER 3rd 2008
Fotos. Part four of CELTIC FROST onstage during the Monotheist Tour.
DECEMBER 2nd 2008
Site Of The Hydra on MySpace. Click here to view some new pix, music, etc etc....
NOVEMBER 21st 2008
Fotos / Live Reviews. An evening with the mighty JEFF MANTAS, guesting with LAST ONE DYING!!!!
NOVEMBER 15th 2008
Albums. The second greatest band ever has a new album out!!
OCTOBER 13th 2008
Coverversions. SIGH continue the VENOM worship!!!!!!!!!
AUGUST 25th 2008
Fotos. A look back at the crushing concert by SODOM at the 2006 METAL DAYZ Festival!!
AUGUST 10th 2008
Coverversions. Two more bands, DARK FOREST and GOATPENIS, cover V!! And I tarted the main page up a bit too ;-)
AUGUST 3rd 2008
Fotos. The third instalment of the pictures we took during CELTIC FROST's Monotheist World Tour of 2006 / 07!!
JULY 14th 2008
Fotos. On Saturday 12th July, DESTRUCTION headlined the BADEN IN BLUT festival in Germany. We have the photographic evidence!!
JULY 6th 2008
Albums. Our fav band of all time has released a new album...
JULY 5th 2008
Tattoos. At the HELLFEST Festival in France, we bumped into another LEGION with VENOM body art... if you are reading this, please contact us with your details, as we cannot remember your name...
JUNE 27th 2008
Live Reviews. Last weekend, VENOM headlined the HELLFEST Festival in France. We made the trip too...
JUNE 15th 2008
Coverversions. They just keep on coming... CHEMIKILLER, NECRODEATH & RAMPAGE cover the mighty VENOM!
JUNE 5th 2008
Fotos. It gives us great pleasure to welcome one of THE great live bands to our photo section, as STATUS QUO have kindly granted us permission to use pix from their recent concert here in Switzerland. Also, on a personal note, we are very proud to tell you that some of the photos used were taken by our 8 year old Little Lady :-)
MAY 19th 2008
Fotos. In August 2006, CELTIC FROST headlined the FOR NOISE Festival. We were there too, complete with camera...
MAY 11th 2008
Albums. Lay Down Your Soul to the second greatest album ever created!!
APRIL 24th 2008
Fotos / Live Reviews. Last Saturday we went to see MIKE HICKEY (aka MYKVS) live onstage!!!
Links. Some cool links added ;-)
APRIL 17th 2008
Coverversions. Found another VENOM coverversion by DECEASED.
APRIL 16th 2008
Albums. The music may be 25 years old, but it may very well be the greatest release of 2008. It's DEMON ENTRAILS by HELLHAMMER!!
APRIL 12th 2008
Fotos. A very proud day for this humble website, as we present live photographs of the mighty CELTIC FROST!!!!!!!!
MARCH 27th 2008
Fotos. Our live photo section welcomes OVERKILL!!
MARCH 12th 2008
Tattoos. A new VENOM injection!!
FEBRUARY 14th 2008
Fotos. There was THREATENING SKIES over our local venue recently.... OBITUARY!!
JANUARY 18th 2008
Forum. Revamped!
JANUARY 16th 2008
Albums. Another classic album!!
Fotos. Live pix of NIFELHEIM in Copenhagen & Stockholm from May 2007.
DECEMBER 28th 2007
Welcome. Welcome to fuckin' HYDRA-HELL!!
DECEMBER 12th 2007
Tattoos. More Metal injections!
NOVEMBER 22nd 2007
Tattoos. Metal in the blood...
NOVEMBER 2nd 2007
Albums. About 25 years ago, I discovered an album called WELCOME TO HELL...
OCTOBER 27th 2007
Coverversions. Our collection of coverversions of our fav band.
OCTOBER 22nd 2007
Fotos. Live fotos of DESTRUCTION at METAL DAYZ Festival
Live Reviews. Various reviews of concerts we have attended in recent times...
OCTOBER 17th 2007
Albums. About time for another review, me thinks...
Site Of The Hydra on MySpace. Click here to visit the SOTH MySpace page!!
SEPTEMBER 17th 2007
Fotos. Some live photographs taken during SODOM's headlining performance at Switzerland's BACK TO ROCK festival!
SEPTEMBER 5th 2007
Forum. An all new METAL Forum. Join us!!
Albums. A review of the first vinyl album I ever owned...
AUGUST 20th 2007
OK, this site is starting to take shape again! New index page, plus new sections are slowly appearing... not all sections are active yet, but are not too far off...
AUGUST 5th 2007
First up, many thanx for all your wonderful messages of support, you people are fuckin' awesome!!!
Work on the new version of SITE OF THE HYDRA is underway. Graphics are being created, new ideas and design being thought out, etc. So far, the Guestbook & Hell Yeah's pages have been revamped...
Also, as many of you are missing our Forum (which, like our MySpace page, was removed without our knowledge), you'll be pleased to know that we are looking into things regarding an all-new METAL Forum! Watch this space...
JULY 23rd 2007
It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we must inform you that the SITE OF THE HYDRA so many of you have known since 2001 no longer exists. For legal reasons, at this stage we do not want to comment any further. Please respect our wishes at this sad time, Thank You.
We would like to apologise to any of you that were on our friends list on SITE OF THE HYDRA's MySpace. Our page was deleted without our knowledge, so we never even had the chance to get our mails / messages saved, let alone save your MySpace ID's, etc. At some point, SITE OF THE HYDRA will return to MySpace. Not sure if we will be able to remember all 230+ friend ID's though. Sorry in advance!
There is no good news. All we can say is that SITE OF THE HYDRA will continue, although at this exact moment we have not had time, or been in the right frame of mind, to even start thinking about what direction this site will take. The last 18 months has been a very tiring and draining experience for us, and to be honest, we need to take a break from this, to see if our enthusiasm and love of this site can ever recover. I am sure it will, it just might take a while.
For the moment, we will just leave this very basic version of the website online, together with our interactive features. Our Metal Forum continues to grow, and is a terrific place to discuss not just music, but movies, television, games, sports, etc as well. Many of our closest friends are active there, and as a whole, the people on our forum are wonderful. Join us!
To finish, we would just like to thank you all for the marvellous support and kindness you showed towards us since 2001. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been able to create something that so many of you enjoyed, and we are deeply humbled by the many kind words you sent us over the years. We have made some terrific friends with so many of you, from all corners of this rotten planet, the very greatest of respect to you all! And we hope that you will continue to enjoy SITE OF THE HYDRA for a long time to come!
Thank You and goodnight. SITE OF THE HYDRA will return...
PS: In the event of this website having to move, take note of our domain name below, as it will always point you to SITE OF THE HYDRA:
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