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DECEMBER 23rd 2006

Mega-Thanx to all you true VENOM Freaks for the terrific support you have shown toward SITE OF THE HYDRA during 2006.

!!! Have a BLACK X-MAS, and a HELL YEAH New Year !!!
DECEMBER 13th 2006
Various. Revamped, with a new section...
NOVEMBER 29th 2006
Coverversions. 3 more VENOM Coverversions, by BLACK COBRA, IN INFERNAL WAR and RAM.
NOVEMBER 9th 2006
Fotos. 21 Fotos of VENOM Live at the Gods Of Metal Festival in Italy 2006
Forum. Intro page has been tweaked...
Guestbook Of Armageddon. The return - sign away your soul's...
Links. More!
SEPTEMBER 28th 2006
Welcome. Finally got round to revamping the page...
SEPTEMBER 23rd 2006
Fotos. The BLACK METAL Gods - Live In London - March 2006
AUGUST 14th 2006
Tattoos. Matte has just visited the Tattoo studios again...
Links. Some terrific new links added - check 'em out!!
AUGUST 14th 2006
Various. Another MORTAL REMAINS in V-Shirt pic, and a stunning drawing of VENOM by Defroster!!
Tattoos. More VENOMOUS Body Art!!
JULY 26th 2006
Concerts. VENOM live at Earthshaker 2006 - Hydra review.
Tattoos. ...and at the Earthshaker, we met some more tattoo'd VENOM Freaks!!
JULY 21st 2006
Tattoos. More!!
JULY 6th 2006
Links. More Band & Metal Links added, plus revamped page...
JUNE 26th 2006
Various. The Return...
JUNE 19th 2006
Concerts. VENOM were fuckin' mega in Italy...
Tattoos. And while in Italy, we bumped into a Dude with a VENOM Tattoo. Plus, Juliana reveals her Black Metal backpiece!!
MAY 31st 2006
Coverversions. Many moons ago, we started collecting VENOM Coverversions...
MAY 7th 2006
Tattoos. Lots of Freaks have something in common with SOTH. We have all Injected The VENOM...
APRIL 18th 2006
Concerts. We recently attended 2 mega-cool concerts by the greatest band ever. So what better way to launch this section than to review these 2 killer shows...
MARCH 12th 2006
Albums. SOTH's review of VENOMs Studio Albums
MARCH 7th 2006
Forum. A Venomous Metal Forum / Message Board, aimed at people with similar Metal tastes as the Webmaster of SOTH...
MARCH 3rd 2006
Hell Yeahs. Actually, it's more like a list of the greatest people on the planet - respect to all!
MARCH 1st 2006
OK, Metallers, The first stages of the SOTH re-vamp are taking place, hence the return of this Updates page :-)
As you will no doubt have noticed, the site is rather sparse at the moment, and there are only a couple of sections up'n'running. More sections will be added very soon, but please realise these things take time - all the artwork for this new version of the site will be re-done in full, starting from scratch. In fact, I may re-introduce some sections of the site in text-only format at first, and then add the graphics, etc, at a latter stage. If I do decide to use this method, it should not interfere too much - those of you who knew the previous version of SOTH will know that every time we added a new section that we set about improving it almost immediately anyway... and it's my intention to continue the new site in the same way.
Anyway, for now, the sections that are working are as follows: Welcome, Updates and Band & Metal Links. The Forum section is also "active", but for preview purposes only, for now...
More to come very soon....
nhoJ ~ Sothmaster