This pic is of the back of the old Hydramobile. For many years it had this VENOM - WELCOME TO HELL artwork on the back window, and it was always planned that when the car got scrapped, that we would keep the actual window with artwork. Unfortunately, when the garage mechanics tried to remove the glass it shattered, sob :-(
...having been a motorcyclist all my driving life, it was only in recent years that I started to drive 4-wheelers. Whenever I see a photo of this car I am always reminded of something that happened during my first solo drive in this car (having only recently then passed my driving test). I was rather nervously driving through the rush-hour traffic in Basel, Switzerland, and I noticed these two massive black motorbikes approaching im my rear-view mirror. As they roared past, they signalled the sign of the horns in my direction, they were obviously VENOM Freaks too! Hell Yeah!! I felt way more relaxed then!