What follows below is photographic evidence of what is without doubt one of the most significant events in the entire history of Heavy Metal music. A young Metal Maniac called Jeff Dunn led his band, VENOM, onto a live stage for the very first time......
--- Live Photos of the first-ever VENOM Concert ---
Joining VENOM Guitarist and Band Founder Jeff (who was already known as MANTAS) onstage was fellow original member ABADDON (Tony Bray, drums), vocalist JESUS CHRIST (otherwise known as Clive Archer), and a recently recruited bass player called Conrad Lant (CRONOS). MANTAS had already wrote many of the classic songs that would go on to be used on the first two VENOM albums, WELCOME TO HELL and BLACK METAL, and the setlist featured many of the songs from these 2 albums which created and influenced all forms of extreme music. The images used are scans of original photographs that belong to us here at Site Of The Hydra, and we are delighted to be able to share these never-before-seen pictures with all you Legions who, like us, have followed and supported VENOM through the years. And in honour of such an historic event, we are using the original VENOM logo (see the last photo in front of the drumkit) which was created during early 1980 by Mr Tony Bray!
Infernal & Eternal Thanx and respect to JEFF MANTAS for his invaluble help and support of this section,
and also a big cheers to CLIVE ARCHER and ABADDON!!
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